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Is Big Data a Big Problem for Data Warehousing?

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment
Big Data a Big Problem for Data Warehouse

Will big data be the death of data warehousing?

Gigabytes and terabytes are now small potatoes. We measure big data in petabytes.  Our smart phones, tablets, highway sensors, physician visits and social media interactions will drive the creation of more data in the next few years than have been created in the entire history of humanity.  Big data is becoming so disruptive, it is prompting some to question, “Will big data be the death of the data warehouse?”

Stating that data is growing rapidly feels too quaint.  IDC predicts that in the next decade the amount of data will grow 44-fold.  Data is getting [insert your favorite expletive] huge!  Yeah, that feels better. Data is spilling out of IT departments enticing the business to slice it, dice it and wrap it in a bow.  Although the possible insights this new data provides are exciting, the exponential proliferation is challenging traditional data management practices like data warehousing. Read more on TechAxcess.